The Love Of Teaching By George Brown's Life

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Teaching is the act of spreading knowledge to educate oneself. According to Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, teaching is defined as “the job or profession of a teacher”. George Brown (1975) said that teaching may also include sided activities such as giving information, encouraging, explaining and asking questions. It was said that “in philosophical terms, ‘teaching’ is a task word like ‘hunting’ or ‘fishing’ not an achievement word like ‘winning’.” (Ryle, 1949 ; Smith, 1969a). From this term, it gives the meaning of one may teach but one cannot be sure of whether the students will learn what he wants them to learn. A person can be drawn to the profession of teaching for various reasons and one of it is their love for teaching. For those teachers who enjoy being at school, it is often the life of a teacher that has appeal towards them as said by George Brown (1975). John Barth, novelist and English professor, wrote eloquently of his love of the teaching life : “There is a chalkdust on the sleeve of my soul. In the half-century since my kindergarten days, I have never been away from classrooms for longer than a few months. I am as at home among blackboards, half-desks, lecterns, and seminar tables as among the furniture of my writing-room; both are the furniture of my head.” Some teachers chose the profession for their love towards the subject and some may love the students. Even though their salaries may be modest, they still intend to teach with passion as they love

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