Essay On The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock

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Register to read the introduction…Alfred Prufrock", also known as "Prufrock", is a very sound and reflective poem written by T.S Eliot. The writer started working on the poem during February 1910 and the poem got published by some very prominent publishers of the era in June 1915 in Chicago (Masters, 2007). The poem basically caters for a dramatic situation; it takes some of its forms from old English literature. It also represents dramatic interior monologue. The poem basically takes an individual down a memory lane, goes through different events of an individual’s past life and through these events tries to make a significant point in relation to the society and its norms at that time. The time when this poem was written indeed was the time when women were striving for their due rights and thus the poem also shows one aspect of the women and their rights which they are seeking for. In this poem, that right is of love, which the poet is seeking for a girl in her life and for which he is depicting the entire scene but however the question is the same here that whether the women whom he is trying to love, love him back or not (Masters,…show more content…
“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” depicts the feminist gender seeking for being dominant and loved in both the readings in different forms. On the other hand “The Storm” depicts the reflection of the sexually oppressed women of the 19th century because of the male dominance. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, it is also believed by some individuals that the poem instead of showing the romantic features is also a criticism on the Edwardian society and a dilemma is shown that represents the inability to pursue a meaningful and a purposeful life. The author is facing rejection from society in various ways and is unable to fit into the situation. Prufrock is described to be in frustration and also impotence of the present individuality. He is representing a modern
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