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Lovely bones 2.9- The movie TEXT TYPE: MOVIE Ellesse Andrews The movie, The Lovely Bones, originally written by Alice Sebold, and directed by Peter Jackson, tells the tale of the horrific homicide of 14-year-old Suzie Salmon. The movie follows Suzie before, and after her death, in her quest to reveal the identity of her killer, and aid in reducing the grievance of her family. She was only 14 years of age when she was murdered, as similar age to many of the target audience, such as my little sister, also only 13 years of age. To think this was around the age Suzie was when she was murdered is appalling. This little girl, still with her whole life ahead of her, things to experience, and things she was looking forward to inflicts a strong feeling of disgust upon me, toward the character of the murderer. As Suzie is still watching over her family for a long time after her death, she gets to observe her little sister experiencing these things such as her first kiss, and we are able to recognise her feelings of longing and grief when this is occurring. During this movie, I personally found it interesting how the director told the story through the point of view of Suzie, both before and after her death. Using this unique angle to unfold the events following the homicide really sets this movie apart from many others of the same kind. The director does this using Suzie as a voice over, unfolding her story from the first person. For example, for the first few scenes of the film,

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