Mark Twain's 'Lowest Animal'

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In Mark Twain’s argument he’s saying that between man and animals man is the one with greed. After reading the “lowest Animal” i agree with what twain is saying and i believe that man has the most greed. When Mark said “men who accumulated more millions of money than they can ever use have shown a rabid hunger for more.” i highly agree with that statement because it’s true people who have huge vast amounts of money will want more than they already have even if they still have a lot of money they will still crave more. I’ve never witnessed someone who is wealthy craving for more money but i have heard and read about wealthy people who has tons of money but still want more than they already have. I don’t really remember who exactly i heard/read about people with money greed yet i do remember a few. The kardashians are an example it’s not money exactly they show they’re greed with but material things…show more content…
As i said in my previous reasons on why i agree with Twain is how floyd mayweather and how he just waste his money by burning it or buying things he has already. With the kardashians too you never really hear about them giving back to less fortunate with the money they’re buying ridiculous things with that they really don’t need like $1,000,000 cars and thousand dollar clothes that’ll they’ll probably only wear once. If the wealthy people actually thought about other people other than just themselves and give some of their money to the less fortunate or it doesn’t have to be money you could also give them clothes and food too or how these wealthy people buy multiple million dollar houses they could get a nice little home for someone who doesn’t have anywhere to live. If they helped out a little more the rate of people being homeless would probably
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