The Luckiest Refugee Essay

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The Strangest, Weirdest and Luckiest Refugee 5/۞۞۞۞ Emma Musca has read an extraordinary true story of a well-known comedian. Anh Do’s amazing memoir The Happiest Refugee is about his early life in Vietnam, his journey to Australia and his amazing international success. ave you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a refugee? Well take a glimpse into Anh Do’s life. Anh remembers when he was growing up as a child in Vietnam, the war had just ended in 1976. Anh remembers that his grandfather was in this army and two of his uncles where in a re-education camp for three years. As a child Anh and his family where very poor. Anh’s father was very caring and he would always make sure everyone in the family was fed. Anhs mother was very…show more content…
This was his first experience in a democratic country. English was a foreign language for him and it was the most difficult obstacle to overcome. Until Anh’s family learnt to speak fluent English and became familiar with the Australian culture, life was very difficult. For Anh and his brother it was very hard at school where they were laughed at and teased by the other children. One incident Anh mentions in his memoirs is the most embarrassing time at school when the teacher tells the class that Anh’s younger brother had nits. Anh then had to be excused from the class to check his hair. He left the class with embarrassment. Anh was very energetic throughout his childhood helping his mum make clothes, selling newspapers and embracing his hobby of breeding fish. Anh was very understanding to his mum and tried to help her as much as he could. For example helping her out selling newspapers backfired because he still required his mum’s help to drop off the newspapers. The Happiest Refugee is a true story of Anh Do’s refugee experience. Educationally this is important for young people to understand the enormous difficulties faced by refugees coming to a new country. It is also an impressive story of Anh Do’s personal success and his achievements. Reading this memoir informs the reader of his educational achievements and his success as a comedian. Therefore I would recommend this book to all young
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