The Lure Of Isis Analysis

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In Saul Levine’s “The Lure of ISIS,” the thesis is that the reason that so many young people seem to be flocking to join radical groups such as ISIS is because they are targeting society’s most vulnerable, and seducing them to join with the promise of fulfillment and purpose in life. The first method of development is cause and effect. One example of this is the promise of fulfillment upon joining ISIS. As we discover in paragraph 4, Donald is “drifting, directionless, ...” After meeting some guys after a rock concert, he learns that his new friends are joining ISIS. Upon hearing about this Donald researches the prospect of joining ISIS. While researching, he stumbles upon some ISIS propaganda, where it is described as “Islamic opportunity…show more content…
There are several examples of this such as “here’s the rub,” “the concert was okay,” or referring to marijuana with words like “weed” and “dope,” and referring to being high as “stoned.” Colloquial language is language normally used in every day conversation, as opposed to hyper formal language. As colloquial language is normally used in everyday conversation, using colloquial language creates an atmosphere of normalcy. This is intentional on the part of the author because he is arguing that situations like Donald’s are not rare occurrences, and that people who feel alienated by society and are considering joining radical groups such as ISIS is a growing problem for young people in the western world. The second stylistic device is irony. The first example of this is “Islamic opportunity of a lifetime.” The irony of this is propaganda is that you would be that you would join ISIS and fight until you die. Another example of irony is another piece of recruitment propaganda when it says “remarkable enhancement in their feelings of happiness, while doing benevolent work for the world.” The irony here is that you would be killing people and causing terror, not being benevolent. The irony in the essay is establishing the propaganda and lies that vulnerable people are reading and believing online, and once they join the murderous psychopathic
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