The Lust Of Power In Ancient Rome

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History has shown an immense amount of people’s lust for power throughout the years. Lust for power has destroyed empires and even countries. Rulers want to take control over everything because they want to leave a great legacy and live a luxurious life. Maybe having all this power doesn’t destroy cities but the mindset of the ruler does. Lust of power can be shown in Greece when they yearned to make a democracy for people because they felt certain people should have the power. Now starting off with Greece, who was the first city to ever have a democracy. Their democracy didn’t give as much power to the people but they did inspire other cities. During Rome’s spreading power, Judeo-Christianity began rising. Rome’s democracy was a republic, which meant their political power depended on the people governing. Everybody wanted to be a Roman Citizen because they had the most power. They were able to practice their own religion and traditions. The Romans also believed that laws should be based on reason and precedent. Three of the most known philosophers were from Greece. Their names were Socrates, who questioned how society thought, Plato, who wrote down everything his teacher Socrates talked about and believed in philosopher kings, and finally, Aristotle, the King of Logic. After all of this the Enlightenment takes place. The Enlightenment was the period after the Renaissance and Reformation. It showed that reason and logic might be able to explain the world and what was in it. The seven philosophers of the Enlightenment were Rene Descartes, Isaac…show more content…
This book was written to show that there should only be one ruler who rules society. The book shows lust of power because Hobbes could’ve inspired rulers to think that they deserved all the power. He had this idea that people were evil and if his idea carried out then society would have been destroyed by all that power that ruler would’ve
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