The Luupus: The Immune System

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The immune system is the most important system in the human body because it protects the body from strange objects, such as viruses, bacterium, and germs. Unfortunately, sometimes the immune system becomes overactive and attacks different areas of the body, such as the lungs, joints, heart, blood, skin, kidney, or brain, which are a healthy area in the body. This overactive of the immune system can lead to many diseases, known as autoimmune diseases. These autoimmune include many diseases, such as Hashimoto thyroiditis, rheumatic fever, lupus, Addison’s and celiac disease. Lupus is one of the most common autoimmune diseases. It is estimated by the Lupus Foundation of America that, “at least five million people worldwide have a form of lupus.”[1]…show more content…
Sometimes, lupus affects the patients’ kidneys and makes them become unable to function properly. This condition is called lupus nephritis. Lupus nephritis is the most serious type of lupus because the kidneys have significant functions to help control blood pressure and filter wastes and toxins from the blood. Moreover, it has dangerous symptoms which are high blood pressure, increased urination at night, and blood in the urine. It is stated by Webmed that, “up to 60% of lupus patients will develop lupus nephritis. When the kidneys are inflamed, they can't function normally and can leak protein. If not controlled, lupus nephritis can lead to kidney failure.”[5] In addition, lupus nephritis is an inflammation of the kidneys that due to the effect of…show more content…
The patients need to take this high amount of medications to reduce the symptoms of the lupus nephritis because at this stage doctors can control the development of lupus nephritis. The fifth stage involves excessive protein loss and extreme swelling around the eyes, hands, or feet. Also, the urine becomes foamy or frothy, or has a red color. The last stage is when the kidney fails, so the patient requires a procedure called dialysis. It means the blood is filtered by machine which is made by connecting from patient’s blood vessels. In addition, sometimes kidney transplant is the best choice for treating kidney failure. Finally, if the patient’s kidneys have not received a cure, the kidneys become worse, so the patient will die. Knowing the causes of lupus nephritis is important. Scientists do a lot of experiments to find the causes of lupus nephritis unfortunately, its causes still unknown. As a result, there are many factors that can play a role in causing lupus nephritis; for example, toxic chemicals or pollutants in the environment (factory smoke, car gases), viruses, infections and family history. In addition, certain lupus drugs can also harm the kidneys and lead to lupus nephritis. Since lupus nephritis is a serious disease, it has many remarkable effects on the

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