The MK-Ultra Experiment

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MKUltra was suspected by many Americans from stories, reports, and claims by its victims. Millions of dollars was spent on this huge, extremely, Illegal activity ran and funded by the government. But what is it? MK-Ultra was created by the American government to test new drugs on people to mentally make them weaker, and even torture them. They would study it to see if it worked in interrogation rooms and to see if mind control was possible. In this essay I want to talk about the most 3 interesting subjects about MkUltra. A great deal of things that happened in the Mk-Ultra labs were insanely terrifying. It made things 10 times worse when the public knew about it. The projects engaged in many illegal aspects like unwriting American and Canadian citizens to use them for test and experiments. MK-Ultra would use drugs to manipulate people 's mental states. Mainly, LSD, hypnosis and chemicals. They would also test sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse. As…show more content…
As they were destroying the documents someone incorrectly stored the 20,000 files wrong talking about MK-Ultra and how it was real. In 1977 there was a huge investigation by water gate during the state hering. In 1974 the New York Times elledge that the CIA Conducted a illegal activities in the 1960 doing experiments on american citizens. The article was a main reason why an investigation lead by Frank Church was made. In the summer of 1975 congressional Church Committee reports and the presidential Rockefeller Commission report revealed to the public that Mk-Ultra was real. Mk-Ultra was a huge revelation to the American people. So many people lives were claimed by Mk-Ultra and it really shows how many secrets are in the American government. In this essay we talked about what Mk-Ultra was, how it caused many deaths and the most famous on Frank Olson and how it was exposed and revealed to the American
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