The MS-13 Gang

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The MS-13 gang, well known as Mara Salvatrucha 13, is one of the most organized and violently dangerous gangs in the United States. The gang was establishes in the 1980, in the predominately Spanish speaking parts of Los Angeles, initially starting off with refuges who were in nature calm and in control. However, some Mexican immigrants began their power guiding and controlling these individuals into an underworld organization, which quickly began to harden the individuals. Once this occurred in the El Salvadorian neighborhoods, the immigrants wanted to organize themselves, so they decided to come up with a name for themselves. First, they started off with “mara”, which means gang, next, “salva”, stands for their country, El Salvador, and “trucha”, which is used in the English language meaning, cleaver and sharp. Ending with, Mara Salvatrucha, and once this name was established, the gang began to quickly expand along other countries and…show more content…
These individuals have formulated small groups of individuals organized in many different locations throughout the United States. Although, the gang maintains their high status ties with their El Salvador counterparts, they continue to grow cliques in other parts of the Unites States and are known to be in operations of at least forty two states across the globe, as well as the District of Columbia estimating a membership total of over 36,000 in one area alone. Unfortunately, the members of this notorious gang are male and female who range from children as young as thirteen years of age to adults as old as forty. In addition, to the many cliques they have all over the US, and the age of these individuals, they are also, covered with tattoos all over their bodies from head to toe, and are known to wear the colors of their El Salvadoran flag, blue and white (Domash,
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