Music Model Of Student Motivation

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INTRODUCTION Motivation is a power booster to every one of us. It helps us to have the desire to achieve one goal and another. Without motivation, the society would seem less likely to be much productive. Motivation not only has given us the desire to achieve one goal, it is the force for us to continue or start our desire goal. However, technology nowadays has pulled down our motivation to do anything. People feel demotivated and always rely on their smartphones and laptop because these are the distraction. Especially students, who are the ones always rely on technology for social media, blogging, and take pictures and uploads. They find it difficult to motivate themselves to study. This not only will affect their studies, but also reduce…show more content…
The instructors’ characteristic can have a prolong effect on students’ motivation for the particular subject and grades throughout the semester (Wilson & Wilson, 2007). There is a model to examine students’ motivation, it is the MUSIC Model of Academic Motivation (Jones, 2009, 2010b). This model is designed with recent researches and theories of motivation. The model had been used to observe students’ motivation and analyzed in data. The MUSIC model is an acronym to describe the 5 keys principles of motivation: Students are motivated when they are eMpowered, the Usefulness of learning activities, when they can be Successful, when they are Interested, and when they are Cared by the instructors or students. Once students manage to reach the 5 principles, it is more likely to increase their motivation to study during their first day of class. In fact, having a positive experience during the first day of class can motivate students toward the subject and improve grades (Wilson & Wilson, 2007). Thus, it is important for instructors and students to perform well during the first day of a…show more content…
It means, teachers’ communication with students also plays the important role to inspire teaching and learning process. Communication is the main key to understand how a person think and feel. It is the only best way to express feelings through communication. In self-determination theory (Deci, Vallerand, Pelletier & Ryan, 1991), students themselves have desirable needs or goal to achieve and hence motivation on students is occurred. There are factors on why students are motivating to learn. The first factor is Individual Factor. It is described that students should be motivated to learn when they find the subject is interesting in content (Hardre, 2006; Williams & Williams, 2011). Groham and Christophel (1992) said that students have higher motivation to learn if the knowledge is useful in the future. The other factor is Environmental Factor, such as teacher, who influences students’ learning and provide the motivation the most. Teachers should support students in the process of learning in order to motivate them in academic performance (Deci & Ryan, 2000; Hardre, 2006; Moss & Honkomp, 2011). Methods of a teacher also have the impact on students’ leaning motivation. The methods should be innovative, interesting for students, encouraging learning, and useful. Other than that, teachers’ self-disclosure is related to students’ motivation. The teachers disclose themselves, the more accessible and open to the

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