The Macomber's Life Before Dying

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A very interesting hypothesis is presented by Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet who assumed that the leading role in the death of Macomber had Robert Wilson. He says that he is a professional hunter, he can adopt to his client's standards but has his own standard of kill-ing. He definitely has ethics about people, but from the opening of the story he is guiding everything. He tells Macomber what to drink, what to do and how to hunt. Unfortunately, during the buffalo hunt Wilson made a mistake and both, Margot and Francis recognize it. He used a car in the chase and it was illegal, and he knew that it would be possible to lose his licence and be out of business if anybody told officials about the accident. At that point he knew that he had to take…show more content…
When Francis gains bravery, he seems to break the marriage rules which is a moral issue for Margot. It seemed that Francis could be able to break the contract of their relation. It can be assumed that in their relation there used to be a high dose of tolerance, for example for Margot's highly probable infidelity; it is almost certain that the meeting she had with Wilson has not been the first one. Surprisingly, Margot is unable to tolerate Francis' change of behaviour (Kravitz 1998: 85-86). They are not lovers, probably not even friends. They can argue but they are unable to talk, share intimacy and deeper thoughts. The Macombers walk their own paths, and their marriage, which should be probably called a partnership, is emotionally desolated. This image is a very good example of people whose abilities to communicate have collapsed. However, there are also two very interesting examples of people who have lost, at least partially, human feelings. The firs one is definitely Margot, who, like a lioness cares only about herself and she is ruthless enough to claw her way to the domineering position. Furthermore, if a reader believes in the hypothesis of Wilson being the architect of Francis Macomber’s death, they will notice that the professional hunter is even more emotionally desolated. He seemed to be able to sacrifice two innocent people to maintain
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