The Madness Of Love In King Solomon

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The great philosopher, Plato, once said, “The madness of love is the greatest of Heaven’s blessings.” Being the analytical, philosophical thinker that he was, Plato reasoned that the mystery of love is a chaotic web of components that can make one crazy attempting to decipher its clues, but acknowledged that without this shape-shifting and puzzling emotion, the world would be void of its greatest feature. Before Plato’s time, the man considered by many to be the wisest man to have walked the earth, King Solomon, dove first into the complexity of describing the interactions that take place between two individuals caught in this emotional connection in his book, The Song of Songs. In this book, a woman and a man unfold their feelings toward each other, embrace each other with praise and affection, and discuss their walk through this labyrinth that they have lost themselves in while a chorus of peers watch and enter the conversation at times. In lines 5 though 9 of the first chapter, or song, of Song of Songs, the woman is transitioning from her initial state of imagination of what their uniting will be like, expressing how she has viewed herself in relation to her lover, and disclosing how she views her lover initially. This passage will set the stage for the remainder of the Songs as it gives the reader a basis to understand the perspectives the lovers had at the ignition of their fiery passion. In line 5, the beloved woman of King Solomon introduces herself to her lover and
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