The Madonnas Of Echo Park Analysis

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The novel The Madonnas of Echo Park by Brando Skyhorse, explains the concept of borderline through the life of Aurora and her half-sister Angie by showing how they felt divided into both sides of either looking for a better life outside of Echo Park or staying there as how their parents did. Through the sisters’ life’s, I learned how the people around you and your choices can cause you to be in a borderline that could be difficult to decide what you want in life. Borderline is the “frontera”, but in the novel borderline is presented as in the space in which the two sisters are in and how they have two pathways to follow and they don’t know what to do since the people around them contribute to them being in a borderline. In chapter 2, Aurora’s borderline is presented with her wanting to have the big house and money Mrs. Calhoun, Felicia’s boss, had which is shown when she is invited to have a pool party with her friends there.…show more content…
This event, shows that her mom doesn’t agree with her because for Felicia Echo Park is home. This contributes to Aurora’s borderline and how she is divided between following her own path in life or following what is expected of her from her community and her parents which is to stay in Echo Park and not go out to look for something else outside of it. The character of Aurora includes how she is “light” and how light comes and goes which contributes to her wanting to move out of Echo Park and go on the side of the borderline that doesn’t include Echo Park. It shows the concept of borderline and how important it is for Aurora because it has a great impact to her life and her connection with her mother. Aurora wants to live a Americanized life more which causes her to start to depart from her culture and
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