Mafia DAMMITT: A Short Story

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Mafia Miscarriage? “GOD DAMMITT”, a chilling power filled voice echoed throughout the mansion. The rain suddenly began to pound against the roof, as the sound echoed off of the marble flooring. A thin fragile looking woman crawled her way to the main stairs. A beast like man followed her with threatening footsteps. He grabbed her hair forcing her to make eye contact “YOU ARE USELESS”, he spat out, misting her face with saliva. Her red satin gown, slowly became darker and darker as the blood continued to soak it. She spoke out with defiant whisper “Maybe I am not the problem”. He fiercely whipped his hand back and smacked her with all his might, leaving an intimidating red mark. She began to cry. No, this was not a cry, this was a plea for survival.…show more content…
It didn’t hurt my physical being but it really smashed my pride. I have never ever been treated like a dog. Mr. Lyall knew how much I hate being treated like a wild animal so he was cautious with his punishments but she went way over the line. Not sure on how to react to the current situation, I start to cry and run down the stairs, locking the door behind me. I hear Mr. Lyall yelling his head off upstairs but I put my favorite song on the loud speaker to drown out his voice. A downfall to having wolf ears is the fact that I can never just put headphones in and plug out the world. I have to enjoy my music through a speaker. It’s not long before I hear a knock at my door followed by a Russian accent saying “Bell can we talk?” I answer him by turning the music up even louder. My ears begin to throb from the volume but I brush it off and hope that Mr. Lyall will just walk away. He didn’t. I knew he wouldn’t, he is almost as stubborn as me. I turn down the music and yell up the stairs “IF HE NEVER TREATS ME LIKE THAT AGAIN, I WILL PRETEND THAT IT DIDNT

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