The Magic Bullet Theory: The Hypodermic Needle Theory Of Communication

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In the early years there were various ways communications reached the people in the early years. Many questions arose when the media started taking over the industries and managed to influence the audience, one-on-one.
All these however reflects to the theories that were brought up to enable a greater impact of the ability to receive the message by the audience. These theories managed to prove a greater deal in the impact of communications in the world today. The revolution of the communications industry managed to decipher the immensely powered media.
With its forms of proving the abilities and disabilities of the how the media uses the public and vice versa. These theories explain how the traditional form of communications took a spin by
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It proved to show how the mass media is able to create a consistent and direct effect by sending the message in forms of a needle injecting the message directly to the audiences’ brains.
This method was used to explain how fast the message is able to travel to each and every individual. The media projects the message with immediacy and this theory assumes that every member of the audience are isolated. This is linked to the immediate acceptance of the message due to the fact that the theory overlooked on how the message was perceived. The messages were fired directly into the brains of the public, without the public’s realization. Often the members of the public receive the message without analyzing anything. For example, during the war of the world’s broadcast by Orson Welles.
This broadcast was interrupted by a sudden news broadcast on the eve of Halloween about Martians invading a place called Grover’s Mill, New Jersey. This interruption was soon named “Panic Broadcast”. This changed the point of view on how the message was able to directly interject people living their lives and enable everything to turn upside down. This theory believes that the people are isolated
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During the Second World War, the media played a huge part in influencing the people’s minds. The hypodermic needle is a linear model which does not look at feedback from the audience. It aims to create a uniform thinking among the people.
The effects of this theory is that it is able to manipulate and own the thinking of the people. However this theory does not apply to the rules of the current media organization due to the irresponsiveness that the media upholds due to the audience inactive feedback. The hypodermic needle model lasted right up to the 1940’s. It was a dominant norm where the media dominated the people, and this happened due to the elites.
The media was the only way the elites could spread their form of teaching to gain excessive control over the public. In the early 40’s, the radio was the greatest form of the spreading the media message due to the fact of price and that radio was a cheap buy back in the days. This allowed the elites to this situation as an opportunity to spread their

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