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Rick Groen, "The magic of moviegoing"
In Rick Groen’s "The magic of moviegoing" reading in Essay Essentials, Groen states there is a continuing argument about how a theatergoer pick’s a movie. A Theatergoer chooses a movie as they would choose a television channel and with the same optimism - 18 screens and nothing to watch (2002, Para. 3). In my point of view, I conquer with Groen’s article on moviegoing. A number of times I have gone to the movies. Waited in line and while waiting took a look at everything the theatre was playing and had no desire to view anything the movie theatre was currently showing. Making all the effort to get to the movies. My partner and I would often choose the least boring film. Groen touches on the ritual of moviegoing, how going to
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The theater tries to replicate the feeling of being in a state of dreaming. (Groen, 2002, Para.7). The state of dreaming makes the movie you are viewing very personal (Groen, 2002, Para. 7).
Groen notes that the automobile and motion picture have a shared history. The two, the automobile and motion picture emerged in the early part of the last century. The automobile and the motion picture share more than history, the pair serving as transportation devices, both serving as havens for our sexual desires; Symbolically or otherwise. The two ideas were merged together in the creation of the drive-in theater. (Groen, 2002, Para.8)
The more intriguing the individual finds the movie they are viewing. The more likely the individual is genuinely going to sit and give their full attention to the material they are viewing. Groups of friends and couples that love to discuss things throughout the film get so intrigued with the film they are watching. The individuals tend to go off into their private selves and thoughts Groen states. “When we are most truly, alone we are most truly an audience” (Groen, 2002,

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