Salem Witch Trials Essay

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The Salem Witch trials were started in 1692. According to, a group of girls claimed to be possessed with the devil and that they were practicing witchcraft. This event may have caused the trials to begin. With the mix of the belief of the underworld and witches, the rumors began and spread like wildfire. Many people believed the girls and demanded for the people who were “possessed” to be killed a the spirit removed from the body and let free.

One of the main causes of the salem witch trials was the belief in the Occult. The puritans strongly believed in the existence of witches and warlocks or things from the underworld. All of these creatures were blamed for all of the bad things happening to their crops and lives. Due to this belief, they were inclined to make some of the most improbable explanations to the situations that were occurring.

Multiple cases were filed after the 9-year old Elizabeth and 11-year old Abigail were diagnosed. The behavior consisted of uncontrollable fits and screaming. After the community found out about the first diagnosis, everyone was afraid of the people and their family because they thought they would catch whatever they had. Not much later, the first witch was hung. Her name was Bridget Bishop. She was hung in June, 8-days after she was convicted. But she was just the beginning of …show more content…

Because of a servant telling the children of the town of sorcery and the devil, they began to believe what they had heard. The town was scared of the “possessed” people, thinking that killing them would stop the problem. Sadly, over 24 men, women and children died because they were assumed to have possessed by the devil. Bridget Bishop was the first accused and was hung on June 10, 1692. Many followed, until the court overruled the judgement of the mayor. As you can see, there are many reasons that is where the stories

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