The Main Causes Of Global Warming And Climate Change

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Global warming and climate change is not region-specific. It spreads all over the world. Climate change occurs when atmospheric temperature increases a lot which in turn causes many different changes to earth. According to Camelia & Răzvan (n.d), the scientists in different fields consider climate changes as a global challenge which can get irreversible results. Since the revolution of the industry, human activities was increasing day by day, during this period, cultivated land, natural resources, forest resources and various raw material is breaking up by human, so as result of that, a lot of greenhouse gases was released and this lead to global warming (Huang & Li, 2015). Human and natural activities are the main causes of global warming which have serious effects on human health and agriculture. Global warming can be caused by human activities, for example, combustion of fossil fuels and cutting down forests. Since the beginning of the Revolution of the Industry, these human impact on atmosphere framework has expanded. These activities change the area surface and emit different substances to climate. Thus, these can impact both the measure of approaching and active vitality and can have both cooling and warming effects on air. The temperature of earth is preserved by the greenhouse. According to Huang & Li (2015), the best thing for human and creatures on earth is the golden amount of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are responsible for the greenhouse effect, so

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