The Main Causes Of Multiple Personality Disorder (DID)

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Multiple personality disorder, which is now known as dissociative identity disorder (DID) is a mental illness which affects lots of people and according to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation it is an illness which involves disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awarness, identity and/or perception (The Cleveland Clinic Foundation 1995-2014). The cause of these symptomes can result into an interference of a person’s life such as his social activties, his good health. Multiple personality disorder is one of the hardest diseases to spot and its effects tend to usually reach the point of the patient’s self harm and suicide.
Before we venture in the destructive world of DID, we must first give a brief definition of this disorder and state what specialists have suggested as a main cause for it. Psychology Today defines dissociative identiy disorder as a severe mental state where different personalities or identities are found in one individual and take over (Psychology Today 2014). The main cause of DID is dissosciation. Dissocation is a type of surviving mechanism that people often use to forget or disconnect from a traumatic incident that has happened to them. Clyde Habberman from The New York Times: “[…] those receiving a diagnosis of the disorder have been women. They typically had rough childhoods. A pattern to their stories — Ms. Mason fell squarely within it — was that they endured horrific physical and sexual abuse when they were little. More than a few claimed to have been

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