Smog Problem In China

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Smog problem in China
Yuanxiao Zheng

The topic that I want to discuss is the smog problem in china. In recent years, the smog problem gradually become the most serious environmental problems in china. Since 2013, the middle part and eastern part of china have experienced a very serious and long-lasting air pollution called “wumai”, which means toxic smog or haze, especially in Chinese capital Beijing.

First thing that we should know is its composition and what cause the toxic smog. The composition of toxic smog in china is very complicated, but its main part is PM2.5(Particulate Matter 2.5), which means particles that can be drawn into lung, which diameter is less than 2.5 micron. The formation of the toxic smog consists of many aspects like climate change, desertification, urbanization, vehicle emissions, burning fossil fuels, cooking... According to the Chinese national geographic magazine, about 10% of the smog can be considered as natural emissions, but nearly 90% is from other man-made emissions, directly from
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According to the Chinese Geographic magazine, because of the air pollution, rain may carry and deposit the Nitrogen in some pollutants on rivers and soils. This will adversely affect the nutrients in the soil and water bodies, resulting in algae growth in lakes and water bodies, and make conditions for other living organism harmful. In transport, smog cause serious clogging highways and local flights are delayed or even canceled and marine traffic has also been affected to varying degrees. For instance, in Beijing, a news reported on November 6, 2016, states that from November 4 to 5, because of a large-scale smog, Beijing airport canceled five hundred flights and more than ten highways were blocked by police. And for human beings, smog is very harmful for our health. In short term, our nose, eyes and throats may be irritated and in long term, it may lead to sever disease like lung cancer and heart
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