The Main Differences Between Criminal And Civil Law

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The differences between criminal and civil case
The main differences between criminal and civil law is who the parties that bought the case and what the case is about. Criminal case is when some individual commits a law and control crimes whereas civil law controls arguments between private party.
Civil law e.g. When an individual is suing another individual for money owed
Criminal e.g. When an individual breaks a law Case one- murder of Kiesha Abrahams
Type of case-criminal
Type of court-district
Why was the case held in this type of court- the case was held in the district court as they went through the children’s court in Parramatta
The details of the accused
Kristi Abraham-mother of Kiesha Abraham
Kristi was known as a very aggressive mother to her 6-year-old daughter Keisha. Kristi had a past with docs after many reports were filled to docs about bruise to Keisha’s face cigarette burns by Kristi and yelling and screaming herd by family members and teachers and neighbours
Robert Abraham-father of Keisha Abraham
Robert Abraham was not known to be as aggressive as Kristi but was known to sometimes help attacking her daughter. Robert was also very quiet and didn’t say much. Robert had no know complaints to him to docs
The crime
Mother Kristi killed and dumped her daughter in a local reserve. Kristi one night nudged her young 6-year-old daughter Kiesha and resulting from that. Kiesha hit her head on the base of the timber bed. Kiesha than got significant and consistent
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