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what is travel and tourism? Travel is a movement of people from one place to another by using different types of transport or different reason to travel. Tourism is the activities of people travelling and the provision to service of tourists. Main types of toursm Domestic tourism- Travel to some place in your country during holidays or trip. Outbound tourism- When you travel to another country for a reason. Inbound tourism- visitors from another country coming into your country. THE REAsons why people travel People travel different reasons and different time. Here are the main reasons why people travel. Leisure travel Traveling on their holidays or when they are not working. Many people like to spend their holidays in another place to rest,…show more content…
Generates £76,000 of gross value added in the real estate sector and the wholesale and retail sector gains £86,000. Travel and tourism supports 18 jobs, compared to 13 jobs in the financial sector, 12 jobs in the communications sector, and 11 jobs in automotive manufacturing. Travel and tourism’s total contribution to GDP in the UK was £101 billion in 2011, there was 6.7 percent of total GDP. This compares with 8.3 percent for other jobs There were more than 2.3 million indirect, direct, and induced sustained jobs in the UK. Travel and tourism directly supports many jobs as the financial service sector in the UK. We can see that travel and tourism supports economic of the UK. Many jobs link to other jobs in different sectors. Inbound tourism will spend money on transport to get to the UK (e.g. airline), and on accommodation during their stay. They may also spend money on public and private transport such as bus, train or car hire, food and beverages, and gifts shops. This helps to create and maintain jobs within accommodation organisations and transport, it also generates money and employment within hospitality and retail business within the
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