The Main Themes In Elie Wiesel's Night

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A central theme is a frequent and reoccurring principal that is loyal and committed through the story. There could be multiple themes, or messages, in a narrative. Throughout Night there were diverse themes such as survival and dehumanization. Those themes come through in the real world as well. Survival is the greatest and most recognizable theme that appears to the end. The first time survival becomes relevant in the novel is when Elie and his family, his father, mother, and three sisters, are in cattle cars on their way to Aushwitz after being taken from their homes. Elie Wiesel wrote, "Lying down was not an option, nor could we all sit down. We decided to take turns sitting. There was little air. The lucky ones found themselves near a…show more content…
Another theme that is consistent in the novel is dehumanization. The SS officers continuously treat the Jews in the concentration camps atrociously. They don 't feed then correctly, they beat or shoot them because they were given the opportunity, and forcing the Jews to work for close to endless hours. This is presented on page 37 and 38. "Not for from us, prisoners were at work. Some were digging holes, others were carrying sand. None as much as glanced at us. We were withered trees in the heart of the desert. Behind me, people were talking. I had no desire to listen to what they were saying, or to know who was speaking and what about. Nobody dared raise his voice, even though there was no guard around. We whispered. Perhaps because of the thick smoke that poisoned the air and stung the throat. We were herded into yet another barrack, inside the Gypsy camp. We fell into ranks of five. 'And now, stop moving! ' There was no floor. A roof and four walls. Our feet sank into the mud. Again, the waiting. I fell asleep standing up. I dreamed of a bed, of my mother 's hand on my face. I woke: I was standing, my feet in the mud." (Wiesel) Humans shouldn 't be treated like lifeless beings.To make someone stand in mud and treated to shoot them if they move
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