The Main Themes Of Religious Conflicts In Shakespeare's 'Antigone'

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The book of Antigone holds a variety of conflicts that affected the outcome and created a rise and fall to many characters. The main reason the conflicts in the play were caused was due to each person 's religious beliefs. This religious theme is seen throughout all of Antigone. The main character Antigone believed in a organized civilization including people having a religion and following the Gods words, while also binding to governmental rules. One major example of a conflict caused by religion is when Creon creates religious laws to act against many of antigone 's beliefs and not bury Antigone 's brother. Due to this action this conflict remains for a majority of the play and sparks up a huge argument. Now that people are defending many sides of the action of what Creon did, people can now start to see how each character and their beliefs form and what they choose to do with them. The reason Creon created such cruel rules about burying Antigone 's sibling, was because he was considered a traitor against the Gods and the people so this could not be allowed in Creon 's eyes. Antigone decides to bury her dead brother even though its illegal and she can be punished. Antigone buries her brother so that the afterlife will work out and just to show Creon that he was wrong for making such rules. She explains in a quote “It is the dead, not the living, who make the longest demands” ( Antigone 192). This means that theres is more to be done in the afterlife and if

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