What Caused The Conflict In The Book Of Antigone

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The book of Antigone holds a variety of conflicts that affected the outcome and created a rise and fall to many characters. The main reason the conflicts in the play were caused was due to each person 's religious beliefs. This religious theme is seen throughout all of Antigone. The main character Antigone believed in a organized civilization including people having a religion and following the Gods words, while also binding to governmental rules. One major example of a conflict caused by religion is when Creon creates religious laws to act against many of antigone 's beliefs and not bury Antigone 's brother. Due to this action this conflict remains for a majority of the play and sparks up a huge argument. Now that people are defending…show more content…
The only way to stop the curse is by changing his beliefs and not going through with killing his sons wife. This is hard for Creon to listed to due to his stubborn and self centered personality. Teiresias is a old prophet who is blind and respected. The prophet comes out saying “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong…. the only crime is pride” ( Teiresias 232). This quote is intended to hit Creon hard and show to him that he really is to into his beliefs and not what 's morally right. It explains even more how he is the one against religion and is creating his own in a way. The blind prophet threatens him by saying if he goes through with his plan and doesn 't straighten back towards a religious mentality that he will be the one to be severely punished for eternity. Creon later realizes he is wrong by saying "That is true. . . It troubles me. Oh it is hard to give in! But it is worse to risk everything for stubborn pride." (Creon 235). From this point on the conflicts in the story are appearing to become resolved because of religion in the middle of everyone 's

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