The Majestic Analysis

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In the movie The Majestic, Peter Appleton is a young screenwriter in the 1950’s who gets Blacklisted because of his attendance at a Communist meeting. Following the strenuous news, Appleton gets in a car accident due to intoxication and wakes up with amnesia on a beach near the town of Lawson, California. The residents of Lawson mistake Appleton for missing WWII veteran, Luke Trimble. Appleton becomes well liked within the community and helps Luke’s father and high school sweetheart reopen the town theatre. Throughout the movie, people, including Peter, question the true identity and morals of “Luke”.
In the beginning of the movie, Peter Appleton gets blacklisted due to a suboptimal action in college. Appleton attended a Communist meeting and when called out on it later in life, he blames his actions on his girlfriend, Sandra Sinclair, saying he wanted to “impress her”. This certain situation reminds me of a time when I had a crush on a boy who had
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Peter went to court and decided against saying his statement he had already planned and instead, he spoke his mind and stood up for what he believed in knowing the outcome wouldn’t be good. This action cost him a profusion; respect from peers, his pride, and his future. I was once put in a situation where I had to choose between my reputation and my character. I was with people who were cursing, bashing my beliefs, and gossiping about people I knew and loved. Instead of putting my beliefs aside and letting them keep talking, I decided to stand up for myself and tell them that they could talk like that any other time, but not while I was around. I explained to them that it was wrong to talk about someone who wasn’t in the room because they weren’t able to take up for themselves, and that people have a right to believe different things. Because of my decision to say that, they apologized and said they wouldn’t do it
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