The Major Achievements Of William The Conqueror

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William the Conqueror was a stable leader militarily and administratively. He defeated Harold’s army in Hastings and became the king in 1066. One of the reasons behind his success was a strong army and good organizational leadership that helped him to consolidate England. After being crowned the king, he became more preoccupied with consolidating his power and authority. He was also sensitive on the property holdings to understand the financial resources available in his kingdom, hence the publication of the Domesday Book. The book was aimed to determine the amount of wealth every landowner held including land and livestock, and the taxes they had to give. The book became a very profound document that was used in the later years. One of William’s major achievements is the consolidation of England. Q2 the 'Glorious Revolution ' ensue when the people in England and Scotland were uncomfortable with the Catholic king James the second in the accusation that he would not allow them to participate in voting and other religious practices of their choices. They invited William III of Orange-Nassau, a protestant to take control of the kingdom and exiled James. To resolve the stalemate that followed, a law was set in place to establish a monarchy, which is still used today in England and Australia. Q3 The principle of precedence in Australia is binding among the judges who are required to make decisions based on the past judgments of a similar case. Sometimes, the past reasoning
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