The Major Causes Of Climate Change

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Climate change, sometimes referred to as global warming is the drastic change in weather patterns that are occurring across the globe. It particularly means the rise in the average surface temperatures all across the world. A major cause of this problem is the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy. The gases, carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, nitrogen oxides, water vapour and others released by the burning of these non-renewable resources forms a blanket above the earth’s surface which allows heat to enter the earth but prevents its escape to space resulting in the rise in global temperatures. Today, this issue has become an increasing threat to places, people and animal species. It has resulted in the melting of arctic regions which results in rise in sea levels causing floods and tsunamis in low-lying communities and coastal areas. The destructive power of hurricanes is on the rise. Heat waves are becoming more frequent and intense, wildfires are becoming longer and damaging than ever. Hundreds of sensitive species of plants have become extinct. The wet areas have become Dampier and dry have become drier. Thus it can be seen that climate change has directly or indirectly affected our oceans, weather, food and health. According to a report by NASA, the global temperatures have risen by 1.7oF since 1880 and land ice is decreasing at a rate of 286 Giga tonnes per year. Although many organizations are working on the issue of Climate change, there needs to be
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