The Major Causes Of Global Warming And Climate Change

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Global warming and climate change is one of the greatest issues faced globally. It is the change in temperature and the results it has on the World. As compared to a few decades ago, the global average temperature and the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased drastically at a very quick pace, faster than anytime in history. To help keep the temperature of the Earth constant, our atmosphere is covered with a layer of green house gases. It acts as a blanket to keep our Earth warm and protected from the temperature in space. This is known as the greenhouse effect. The main cause of global warming is the large contribution of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the atmospheric layer. What causes the rise in carbon dioxide some may ask, is the burning of fossil fuel used to produce power and electricity, like oil, coal and natural gases. Every time these fossil fuels are burnt, more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, resulting in the thickening of the greenhouse layer, making the Earth a lot warmer. If nothing is to be done about the emission of carbon dioxide that causes climate change, it is possible for the Earth’s average temperature to increase to up to 9 degrees more then the current temperature. This will further affect the weather and the living species on this planet. Signs and changes are already starting to show all around the world with natural disaster, extinction of species and increased of temperatures that hit records. The major effects

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