The Major Causes Of King Louis XVI And The French Revolution

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The presence of the political system, absolutism in which a single person rules in the form of a national monarchy, began to grow because of the religious wars that took place after the Protestant Reformation in the 16th and 17th centuries. This was the system enforced in France up until the 18th century when a burst of knowledge, known as the Enlightenment arose and people began to challenge the social, political and economic foundations of their country. The morale and newfound information from this led to the French Revolution in which the middle and lower classes of France rose up against the absolute ruler, King Louis XVI, was a turning point in history, causing major changes to not only the people of France but also many other nations and regions around the globe. A major downside of the revolution was the abundance of hypocrisy seen as they fought for liberty, equality, and fraternity but in the process violated each and everyone of them.
While King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette sat in their beautiful castle bathing in luxury and wealth, the people of France were plagued with social, political and economic struggles that their leaders ignored. This gap between the people of France and the nobility was a major social problem. The leaders were not respected by those they led, when the people of France found out the royals had not yet conceived a child they release political cartoons that mocked them. They lived in opposite worlds, while King Louis XVI and Marie

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