The Major Causes Of The American Civil War

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Rachna Shah Causes of the Civil War Throughout the history of time, the wars that the United States have fought with include separate entities, powerful nations, and groups of European allies, but never before a war within itself: a civil war. What had prompted this war was not simply slavery, the obvious cause, but time itself, and the gradual increase of state support for such a war to occur. The American Civil War was, simply stating, a struggle to determine whether or not the country should illegalize the institution of slavery or not. For about two hundred years, the people within the United States had had slave states and free states, slave territories and free territories co-exist with one another. However, other more minor factors that influenced the Civil War to come about include Supreme Court Cases and new political viewpoints, the reluctance of slavery and free states to co-exist within a nation. Among others, some of the major causes of the Civil War were those that stretched as far back as the late eighteenth century: constitutional compromises and slave-related technologies, among others. In order for the Constitution to be signed, compromises had to be made at the Constitutional Convention of 1787; thus, the compromise was made that there would be nothing written in the Constitution about slavery. However, due to the demands of the South Carolina delegation, it was stated that fugitive slaves who ran away to free states were to be returned to their
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