The Major Causes Of The American Civil War

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The American Civil War The background and causes. the main cause of the civil war was the that seven states (South Carolina, the Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas) that have declared their secession from the USA and the prime reason for that secession was slavery as the Southern anger at the attempts by Northern antislavery political forces to stop the expansion of slavery into the western lands .although some authors said that the main cause of the civil war was the states right 's in the meaning of The Southern states wanted to make sure on their authority so that they could cancel the federal laws they didn 't support. But this may be the second cause not the prime cause because all the historians agreed that the main cause of the civil war was the slavery. The major characters of the civil war: The United States (the union). Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln: He was born in 1809.and was President of the United States during the Civil War from 1860-1865,in 1863 he emanated Emancipation Proclamation which announced that all slaves in the Confederate States would be set free this helped to end slavery. The confederacy: Jefferson Davis Jefferson Davis: He was the President of the Confederate and the commander of the States army of America. Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee: He was the South 's greatest general during the Civil War, and despite being from Virginia he decided to fight on the side of the
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