The Major Factors For The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire was one of the strongest, most dominant and most dynamic in the world. Rome started off as a city and due to the city’s accomplishments it lead to become an Empire. The Roman Empire was established in 27 B.C. Even after being such an overpowering Empire, there were different factors that made the Roman Empire fall apart. The Roman Empire fell in A.D 476. It took a lot of time for the Roman Empire to fall, as it took long to build such a spectacular Empire. The Empire was so vigorous that it lasted for over 500 years. The Roman Empire had numerous rulers. Rome collapsed due to various reasons such as its sheer size that lead to various problems within the Empire, the rise of Christianity that caused disputes within the people of the Empire and also external invasion that was caused due to the weakening of the Empire.

Rome’s gigantic size was too difficult to be governed which was one of the root causes that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire was too extensive for Rome to reign over, it kept on expanding and the Empire continued to conquer various places. Due to the expansion, it was hard for the rulers and government officials to communicate and protect the Empire. Therefore Romans ruled over more land than they could manage. The Roman Empire was stretched across Europe, much of middle East, and the north coast of Africa. It surrounded the Mediterranean. Since all those places came under the Roman Empire, the rulers had to protect

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