The Major Factors: The Causes Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was the cause of many changes to the mainland of Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth century. The Revolution was a conflict over absolute monarchism, social inequality or estate system and economic injustice with the enlightenment and the knowledge of other revolutions, such as the American Revolution were also factors that contributed to the French Revolution. The mighty reformation was a really frustrating time in the years of 1789 to 1799, and occurred over three stages, The Tennis Court Oath followed by The Great Fear then finally The Reign of Terror. After these three stages, The Rule of the Moderates that ended the French Revolution, Napoleon was the savior as he was instrumental to ending the frustrating…show more content…
Anyone who was against the Revolution was put to death. The guillotine (a machine to make killing more humane) killed people by chopping off their heads, one man by the name of Maximilien put many people in the guillotine. Even the Queen and King got their heads off. The French only sought Liberty Equality and Fraternity for their people. After all bad, there is good, the moderates came to finish the Revolution. In 1795, they tried to stop all the conflict. Then came the ambitious Napoleon, he was the savior of the French. He took over the state and created the Napoleonic code. Which gave people their rights, and improvement in the city. In the early eighteenth century, he defeated most of the whole mainland of Europe and he became the Emperor of France along with it becoming an Empire. The first effect of the Revolution was the spread of ideas of democracy. The second effect was the grove of nationalism which meant, everyone came together to fight for their country while they were belonging to a bigger country. The French Revolution was finalized by the year of 1799. An entirely new France was born after the years of Revolution. With its causes and stages, the Revolution was very bloody and frustrating for the population, and it was a lesson learned by the
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