The Major Factors: The Fall Of The Roman Empire

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The Fall of the Roman Empire is one of the most memorable setbacks of one of the greatest civilizations to ever exist. Many theories have been said as to the cause of the empire’s fall but, even today, there are still unanswered discussions on what the specific factors were. There are numerous of factors that contributed to the empire’s fall such as the effectiveness of their army, the health of its citizens, the strength of the economy, the capability of the successors, the continuous battle for power, religion and the regulation of their administration. The Fall of Rome was started with the decline in Western Roman Empire where the emperors failed to maintain their rule. The lost of power of the West let alone East was a great threat to the empire but the theme of the decline has been discussed and changed through a much bigger time frame from year 376. There have been many debates between historians on the actualization as to when everything started crumbling down but other than that, it can universally agreed that Rome’s fall as a great tragedy.

The Roman Empire was considered as the most powerful when it came to their politics, culture, and military forces. It was one of the biggest empires in the world. Their life span and strength of their empire established a great impact all thanks to their language, rich culture, religion, architecture, philosophy, law and their forms of government. The Roman Empire all started when Augustus Caesar became Rome’s first emperor
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