The Major Impacts Of Political Corruption In The Government

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2.1.1 Political Corruption
Political corruption is one of the serious issue that happened in every country. It involve private and public sector which is related to the government department. Government officer has abuse their political power to realise private enrichment. For example, an illegal acts by government officer or leader to use their power and status in the government department to help or influences the private sector businessmen to secure the government projects is consider as political corruption. On another hand, the officer might get any form of return from businessmen as the reward. Those exchange trading usually will happen in those country that have poor laws and regulations enforcement. Misuse of the political powers will lead to others serious issues like money laundering or others financial criminal. Those activity will give a large impact to the economic development due to imbalance of wealth and inequality in social economic.
2.1.2 Administrative Corruption
Administrative corruption is the abuse of roles and powers of an organization officer or government department officer. This is a common phenomenon happen in every country. This will bring the large impact to the economic development and affect the health of an organization. The way to combat this issue is complicate and it needs continuous effort to bring out the result. In addition, there are many factors will help the administrative corruption keep growing in a country or an organization. The

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