Thomas Edison: Incandescent Electric Light

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Thomas Edison


Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison was born in eleventh February year 1847 In Ohio. Edison had received limited formal education and attended school for only a few months. His parents taught him writing, reading, and arithmetic. However, he was a child who was inquisitive and, as a result, taught himself how to read his conviction in self-development played a core role in his life. Thomas started to work at a tender age. At 13 years old, he started to sell candy and newspapers on the local railroad. He spent a majority of his time reading technical and scientific books and by this period he started learning and studying the way a telegraph operates (Sproule, 2000). At sixteen years of age, he was capable of working full-time as a telegrapher. The paper describes the major innovations of Thomas Edison.
Tagliaferro (2003) asserts that Edison from the year 1870 to the year 1875 while
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He had started a wide array of electric firms, and they continued experiencing immense growth unit they were joined in the year 1889 and formed Edison General Electric (Sproule, 2000). The vast amount of capital required in developing the lighting industry and that which contributed to the investment of various investors implied that Edison could not control or claim sole ownership to the company. Although the early lighting system introduced by Edison has some problems, there were used in important events like the 1881 Paris Lighting Exhibition and in 1882 in London at Crystal Palace (Tagliaferro, 2003). Competitors emerged and an alternative system that used AC current. The AC current in the year 1889 dominated the field and as such the name was dropped after the company merged with Thompson-Houston in the year 1892 leading to the formation of General Electric

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