Factors Affecting Food Security

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Register to read the introduction…Food availability and food access are correlated with each other. There are two factors that affects the access of food; economic and physical access. Economic access involves food cost and affordability of food for the population while physical access is the availability of food [1]. Undernourished people in developing countries with food available still suffer from chronic hunger as the low income family are not able to afford the food. In addition, the number of agriculture present in developing country is limited. With higher agriculture growth, this will improve the income of the population which then improve the affordability of the lower income family in purchasing food. It will also results in economic growth of the country hence improving the food access. The physical access and availability of food can be affected by the lack of infrastructure such as inaccessible road in developing country which hinders the food from reaching the country. Food wastage also affects the availability of food in a country. According to the National Farmers Union, food wastage in developing countries mostly occurs due to inaccessible road and lack of proper storage result in food rot. Meanwhile in developed country, food wastage occurs due to excessive food which proves the unequal distribution of food across the world…show more content…
Food availability and food utilisation does not necessarily relate to each other. Food utilisation is how food is used or utilised, stored and also prepared [1]. Factors that affect food utilisation are cleanliness during food preparation, food storage and health of an individual as it affects the nutrients absorption. Proper preparation of food and storage will ensure the food will not spoil and will be utilised fully. Clean water also plays an important role in food utilisation as it determines the food hygiene and also good health [1]. Both water and agriculture are both equally important as it will affect food production which will then affect economic, political instability and price inflation. These factors will affect the food availability and also access of

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