John Hammond's Role In Jurassic Park

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Dennis Nedry and John Hammond wanted to get rich, while Sal wanted to see her mother; however all wanted to complete their mission no matter what it takes. Dennis Nedry was experienced with the computer, and was one of the computer programmers for Jurassic Park. A reader must know this to understand what role he played in Jurassic Park. The book states, “Nedry had mumbled about doing computers on the island.” (Crichton) Nedry was what someone would call a ´double agent´. He worked for both InGen and BioSyn, and a reader might infer that Dennis Nedry will go against one of those companies. As Jurassic Park says, “Dodgson (BioSyn employee) had finally located a susceptible InGen employee.” (Crichton). This quote shows that Nedry had gone for…show more content…
He was motivated to create Jurassic park because he wanted to see the smiling faces on kids while they look at his park. However, John Hammond was as grumpy as the Grinch. Crichton had a reason to give John Hammond this personality - but why? That is what most readers want to know. Hammond uses persuasive skills to get people to go to his park. For example, “I am going to insist you see it, Dr.Grant. I know you would find it right up your alley. You would find it fascinating.” (Crichton) Hammond was super passionate about his park - he did not want to ever think it would fail. Hammond picked a staff member, Dr.Wu, because he most likely knew that Wu would back him up with his park. Wu says, “I assure you, it does work.” (Crichton) Wu is backing up Hammond 's assurance of that the park would never fail. Hammond has been working on the park for a long time, and what he did to persuade Dr.Grant was by telling him that he would give Grant money for coming, which would help Grant with his digs. On the phone with Grant he says, “Oh yes, we bought it and started our operation oh, four or five years ago now.” (Crichton) Hammonds once again uses persuasive skills to get people to come to his park. Sal, from Walk Two Moons, is very different from both Nedry and…show more content…
This is the main problem in the book Walk Two Moons. This problem can change the outcome of the story majorly. As stated, “He had already seen Momma and he had not taken me.” (Creech) This quote shows that Sal is disappointed that she could not have seen her mother right away. Throughout the book, Sal is skeptical, about many things. When the ‘lunatic’ (a main antagonist) arrives in the story, Sal gets a little nervous. “This combination makes them interesting to know, but you can never predict what they will do or say.” (Creech) In this quote, Sal is describing her grandparents and how they are silly. Readers do not know this, but readers can infer that Sal is sounding a little skeptical with them. Sal also wants to know as much as she can. She digs deep for information throughout the entire book, especially when it is about her mother. “I certainly do know heaps of stories, but I learned most of them from Gramps.” (Creech) This quote shows that Sal must have been very interested to hear stories about her mother, and had most likely really wanted to know about them. No matter how many differences, all these characters have one thing in common - to accomplish their goal with

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