The Male Influence In The Handmaid's Tale

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After the overthrow of the American government, a new strictly patriarchal nation arises. The “New America,” is known confidently known as Gilead (GUY-Lead). The name itself, exemplifies just how dominant the male influence is in the new society. Women in this age have no voice (literal and figurative) and are bound to the titles given to them by men. In Gilead, women are property, and they are reminded as such with their names: Ofwarren, Ofglen, Offred, etc. Women have no real name of their own. They are named in the “Property of” their commander which leads to the “Of” in their identity. Women are also not allowed to talk, as it is shunned by the government. The new oppression of society leads the main character of “The Handmaid’s Tale,”…show more content…
The audience also learns that in this new society, there are 11 classes. Each class has more power than another, and have different purposes. The 1st class is the Commanders. These men are entitled to handmaids. Following them are The Angels,-revered soldiers who have fought for the new found nation-and the Eyes,-those who protect the new city. After these 3 comes the Aunts, Wives, and Handmaids. Aunts are former Handmaids who mentor new Handmaids. They are also infertile women. Wives are the spouses of Commanders. They are prohibited from any sexual conduct or touch with their husbands. Handmaids are the child bearers of wives and Commanders. They are to have sexual relations for them. After theses three classes comes the Martha's who make all provide the labor for the new society. Then comes the Econowives, who are married to low-ranking men and are looked as servants. Second to last are the Daughters, who are the children of the Commanders. They are considered high society. Lastly, are the unwomen. The unwomen are women who have chosen not to participate with the new society's laws and have gone off as jezebels. These class structures, do not allow moving up the social ladder and restrict one to stay within their class
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