The Man He Kill Analysis

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In the world, people who have high morals, a conscience and the want to do the right thing, have high integrity. This could be seen in Macduff from Macbeth Shakespeare, “John.F. Kennedy Speech” and the speaker in “The Man He Killed” by Thomas Hardy. Macduff, Kennedy and the speaker all had professional responsibility they had to maintain.People have to put aside their personal integrity to fulfill their professional responsibility. Macduff would have to lay aside his morals when he has to complete his duties.When Macduff left, Lady Macduff “He had none. His flight was madness. When our actions do not, our fears do make us traitors” (4.2.3). This quote is significant because Lady Macduff is frustrated at Macduff for leaving his family. Macduff could have protected his own family, but left and put aside his personal integrity to fulfill his professional responsibility to protect Scotland. He travelled to England to tell the rightful king (Malcolm) what has happened and convince him to come back. Also bring back Malcolm would help him meet his obligations.“Already at a point, was setting forth now we’ll together, and the chance of goodness be like our…show more content…
He repeats “because” to make himself believe carrying out his duty of killing the enemy soldier was the right thing to do. He had to put aside his morals and kill the enemy before the enemy kills him.“Yes; quaint and curious war is! You shoot a fellow down you’d treat if met where any bar is or help to half-a-crown”(Hardy 20).The speaker is reflecting on his integrity and how in certain situations you would not kill someone who you could have been friends with. Even though he killed the man he feels guilty and questions his own
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