The Man In 3b Analysis

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The day that everyone had been waiting on had finally came. Everyone was so anxious that they sat on the stairs on the building waiting. This ended the suspense once and for all, the man from 3B had finally arrived. Which brings about the title, The Man In 3B, Carl Weber as the author. In the novels there's a neighborhood filled with very much drama and when Daryl Graham known as the Man in 3B,is killed this really caused some curiosity as to who did it and why they did it. But the twist to it in the end is that we find out that it wasn't really him who was killed. It was rally Avery but they left things behind of Daryl’s so that everyone would think that is was him, little do they know Daryl really moved to a deserted island with Connie.

Me and Daryl view things in the world in a very similar way. The way that he views it as if he has nothing to worry about , more like stress free and he just takes it day by day trying to stay aware and positive in whatever it is he does. He also lives a very healthy life far as his eating habits and he exercises on a daily to stay in shape. Which plays a big part in why he is found so attractive. He says to Connie “Don't get it twisted I've had my share of training people. I view the world the same way where as to I feel that everyone would
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The talk that he with Connie in the park showed who he was. They instantly clicked the second day they meant . He said to her “If Avery can't see your beautiful just the way you are then he's a fool and he doesn't deserve you.” He lifted her up at times like these and that's why she fell in love with him. I would think that I am viewed by others the same as someone who is kind, funny ,and just great to around because I don't judge people nor do I put them down, I love raising people's spirits and helping whenever I
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