The Man In The Black Suit Analysis

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In the Stephen King short story, The Man in The Black Suit, the narrator Gary recounts an experience from his childhood that scared him permanently. When he was nine, Gary was tormented and stalked though the woods by the devil, who manifested himself after Gary wandered into the woods. During their interaction, the Devil lies to Gary and says that his mother just died at home. The Devil claimed that Gary’s mother was killed in a similar way that his brother, Dan, was also killed not too long ago, as she was apparently stung by a bee and is dead in his kitchen. Gary knows the Devil is a liar but finds it difficult to resist believing him. He remarks to himself, “we always believe, on some level, the worst things our hearts can imagine”. The…show more content…
This move away from religion emotionally impacts Gary and he begins to fear irrationally like his mother. From the text, there is evidence to suggest that Gary’s family very is religious. For example, Lorretta was attending a church supper when she was told that bee sting allergy were possible. This was not a normal church service, which implies Loretta was involved in additional functions of the church. Also, Gary knows “from my church schooling that the devil is the father of lies” which Implies Gary’s mother enrolled him into Sunday school. When Dan died, Gary’s father “carried him in from the west field, crying and calling the name of Jesus.” Finally, when Gary reunites with his father after his encounter in the forest, he notices the ribbon that his mother had “woven through the handle back when Dan was still alive. DEDICATED TO JESUS, that ribbon said.” Gary’s religious upbringing and sudden departure from Church life was traumatic and caused him to experience irrational anxiety. Gary remarks that he “coaxed my mother back to church later on that summer.” which means this was a place in time that marked a religious change in Gary’s
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