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Thesis: After the crash of Air Florida Flight 90 in 1982, a man risked his life in order to save his fellow passengers from freezing to death in the Potomac River. In the end, this man lost his life. He was remembered by Roger Rosenblatt, who wrote an article for Time Magazine called, "The Man in the Water." He explains what happened in awe, and how heroic the man in the water was. His main message in this article is that no man is ordinary and any man can become a hero.

Support 1: Rosenblatt describes people's actions after the plane crash, to point out that no man is ordinary. He describes what Lenny Skutnik, employee of the Congressional Budget Office, an ordinary man, did after the crash. Lenny jumped into the water to drag an injured
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Rosenblatt points out that the man was seen clinging to the tail of the aircraft with five other passengers, while appearing to look alert and in control. The man passed the lifeline and flotation ring to other passengers every time it was lowered down to him. In the article, this man was described as ordinary. He was an ordinary man, doing ordinary things until the crash. Rosenblatt stated that this man is proof that no man is ordinary.

Support 3: Rosenblatt points out that we forget that we are not ordinary. That we as humans, think we are practically powerless in this world. We need to be reminded that we are not powerless, and that's just what the man in the water did after the crash. He reminded us through his actions. He is a hero, because he, an ordinary man, sacrificed his life to save others. Anyone can drop what they're doing to help others, even if it risks their life, so long as they are up to it.

Conclusion: Roger Rosenblatt wrote this article to remind everybody that they are not ordinary. He wanted people to know that no one is ordinary. He used the man in the water as proof to back it up. Any man can be heroic when the time comes. Rosenblatt's main message in this article is that no man is ordinary and any man can become a hero, and that's what he wants the reader to take away from this
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