The Man To Send Rain Clouds Analysis

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Leslie Marmon Silko, a brilliant writer who brings alive the Native American era throughout her works. She is considered a unique writer who not only revives that era but also transports the reader back to important marks in history. One of her most well written works is “The Man to Send Rain Clouds”. She skillfully uses the essentials of writing to relive the times when Native American beliefs were constantly threatened by the new beliefs and traditions of others around. The true question however, is how was Silko able to so prudently show her readers the underlying theme of continuity and change in “The Man to Send Rain Clouds” in order to portray the challenge Native Americans endured? “Send us rain clouds, Grandfather” Leon, one of the characters in this story was visibly essential for Silko to depict the theme (continuity and change). The quote is a clear example of characterization. Leon realized a ritual for Teofilo after he had been found dead under a tree. The ritual was Native American and so the priest of the town was not very happy about…show more content…
This family’s tenacious spirit is truly fascinating, due to the fact that even the Priest of the town has pushed the case of them changing their beliefs (of burial). In the end the reader finally learns how all the elements come together in the scene where they bury the man the Native American traditional form with an addition. At first the priest was hesitant to do this, but he eventually agreed to Leon’s suggestion of sprinkling holy water on Teofilo. All this goes to show that even when change happened, other aspects of beliefs would stay the same. The theme of continuity and change was the truth about the challenges Native Americans had to
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