The Man Who Killed In Joseph Douglas's Ball

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Joseph Douglass Ball

Joseph Douglass Ball was an intriguing individual with an obsession over his alligator pond. He was born into a prominent family in Elmendorf, Texas and enjoyed spending time on his own. He never had an interest in hanging out with his siblings or other children in town and developed an obsession with guns during his childhood and teenage years. He was a cocky individual that knew he could get what he wanted out of his waitresses (often he did) and was known as the creepy guy in town that you did not want to cross. What I found the most interesting about Joseph was how after he lured the women to his house and killed them, he would chop their bodies up and feed the remains to his alligators. However, the thing I found the most interesting about him is also the thing I found the most disturbing about him. I think it is twisted to do something to a person’s body after they are
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It was interesting to learn about a serial killer’s life before they chose to pursue killing and the reasons behind their doings. If you knew Joseph before the killings you wouldn’t have thought he would do anything like that. He was born into one of the richest families in Elmendorf and besides his interest in guns and wanting to spend time alone he was a regular kid. Joseph even completed high school and obtained a degree at the University of Texas. You probably would have suspected him to be a regular individual that would make something great of himself. However, this research also made me feel uneasy at how one small component in someone’s life could turn someone into a serial killer. His obsession with his alligator pond was the reasoning behind his killings. This research also made me feel uneasy by learning about how twisted it is to do something to somebody’s body after they are dead like chopping up the bodies and feeding the remains to an animal or something of that
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