The Man Who Was Trapped Underwater Essay

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In order to survive, people have been known to go to great lengths and to do things they would not ordinarily do. Life is beautiful. I would give anything to live for eternity, which in fact isn’t possible. Death is a scary thing. There are people who have survived disasters, sicknesses, and many life threatening situations. They look death in the eye and laugh, because they survived and prospered. These terrific people went through great lengths to keep living and kept fighting until the end. I read an incredible article called “The Man Who Was Trapped Underwater (for 3 days)” about a man whose ship had sunk killing all his shipmates and everyone else on board. This article sent chills down my spine. Harrison Okene was a young, happy, and…show more content…
Her small town was going through a snow storm when she got a sharp pain on the lower right side of her hip. She called one of her closest friends who worked at an emergency room physician. She described her pain in detail. He friend then told her to go to the nearest emergency room to get help. Christine followed her advice. The doctors did blood work on her, and soon discovered that her white blood cell count was extremely high. The doctors and others who saw those results were alarmed and called a gynecologist to go and see Christine right away. After several tests, Christine was rushed into to surgery. They removed one fourth of her left right ovaries. When she awake, she spent 2 days in the hospital then was sent home. A week later, Christine got a life changing call from the gynecologist. The tissue that had been removed has been cancerous. Christine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She has been getting the best care at CTCA (Cancer Treatment Center of America). Now, 6 years later. She is still fighting for her life every single day and she will continue to do so. Life is to not be taken for granted. To be alive is a wonderful adventure. Everyday people fight for their lives in order to survive. They go through great lengths and life changing experiences. To survive is to prosper, to keep on going until the very

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