The Man With The Twisted Lip Analysis

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“The Man with the Twisted Lip”
“The Man with the Twisted Lip” seems to be an interesting story. In this case, Mr. Watson takes the center stage at the opening of the story. Watson’s curiosity takes him to the east end of London to rescue a missing friend named Isa Whitney from an Opium Den and this errand brings him face to face with his friend Sherlock Holmes, who is also on a mission there and so we are introduced to the story. There are several points of interest to be found in the passage. We can see Watson 's description of Holmes as an old man, bent and wrinkled, Watson does not pay attention to him, but when looks back, Watson recognizes the dull eyes that had regained their fire. A curious description when one considers that fire is often associated with passion. Holmes and Watson start investigating the disappearance of a gentleman called Neville St. Clair who was last seen by his wife in the most mysterious of circumstances yelling from a window of a house notorious for being an opium den. Both Watson and Homes are finding the missing persons. What can happen next? Who will lead to solve the problem?
Some people say that Mr. Watson is the strongest character of the story but careful reading reveals that Homes has great influence on him. However, Homes gives value to Watson’s respect and devotion.
Notice the assumption that Watson will help Holmes in this new case. Notice the demands that Holmes makes. He is not asking but telling Watson to send his wife a note and
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