The Man With The Twisted Lip Essay

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The root of sexism in present day society has evolved from the many restrictions previously placed on women throughout history. Women have begun to break gender roles and expectations that have been oppressing them from becoming who they want to be. The role and expectations of the modern day woman have shifted from a very restricted housewife model, to a more equal opportunity lifestyle for women. Although the movement for equality has reached great progress, sexism in society still exists. As the most recent U.S. election featured the first woman to accept a major-party presidential nomination, many people opposed due to the belief that the presidency is not a woman’s position. The mid-eighteenth century marked the beginning of the movement in women’s rights and roles as women began to voice their unwanted opinion. The struggles between women and the restrictions of a sexist society is seen in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s story of “The Man with the Twisted Lip”, published in 1891. He portrays the women in this story in the way they were viewed at the time. Doyle restricts women with…show more content…
Doyle incorporated this theme throughout the text which affected the role of the women by only portraying them as housewife models and not letting them solve mysteries on their own. The idea that women cannot do anything on their own without a male was not only an issue in the story, but also a harsh reality for women today. This form of inequality affects the potential of a women to act on her own. Although today many countries around the world have shifted from a male-dominated society, to a more equal place for women, there are still places where progress has not been made. From belonging to your husband to not getting paid as much as a male, sexism in present day society is very much
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