The Management's Strategic Leadership Approach To Sainsbury

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INTRODUCTION: The management 's strategic leadership approach is to guide the training and motivate them to improve their skills through the exchange of knowledge to analyse the internal and external business environment and make decisions that can add value to the company and to the interested parties. The management delegates authority to employees. Make your decision by setting goals and objectives based on the mission and vision of the organization and establishing strategies to achieve these goals and objectives. The uncertain, dynamic and stimulating business environment requires a strategic workforce capable of adding value to the business through decisions in the best interests of the company. Sainsbury Plc Sainsbury plc is a UK retailer operating in the UK department stores and Sainsbury supermarkets. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Sainsbury deals with a range of products and services and has a close relationship with customers. Sainsbury management has a strategic focus on leadership to offer quality products and services to meet customers ' expected needs and desires in order to create value for stakeholders. Sainsbury 's management is very focused on creating brand strength and brand loyalty for its products and services in order to gain competitive advantage. Task 1.1: Primary Data Primary data is collected directly from the source population in form of structured and unstructured questions to gather process and analyse the data to achieve required

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